GOD ID GOOD!! It's been a while since I have posted anything.....Sorry for the lapse!

Let's see if I can get you all caught up on the CVBC Building Program.....

We were finally able to buy the lumber we needed to build all of the interior walls! Since last winter (2012-2013) we have been renting a heated storage unit to house all of the churches chairs, pulpit, audio and video equipment and musical instruments. Since we were having services in a members home....we had no where to store our stuff, so, The Lord provided a place! Even though we had a nice insulated building that had permanent heat...we still had lots of work to do on the inside which meant that we still needed to keep things stored while we were working. 

Okay.....we were able to frame all of the walls and put decking on top of them, this enables us to use all of that wonderful space for storage! We also finished installing the "hat-channel" along the inside walls. The "hat-channel" is the metal ribbing that we will attach the sheetrock to.

We are no longer having to pay a rental fee for storage and were also able to return all of the scaffolding. This means we are now able to use the money we were paying out for rentals to buy more things for our next project! 

We have two restrooms, a small room that can serve as a nursery or classroom and a small audio/video closet (the room with a widow like opening facing the sanctuary).

Please continue to pray for CVBC. We are as excited as ever and looking forward to a great year in The Lord!
The Lord is still blessing in a mighty way! Here in Fairbanks, we should have a thin blanket of snow on the ground and our temps should be in the teens to twenties. But, GOD has seen fit to "stall" the cooler weather for just a bit longer.

When the ground freezes, it's just too late to dig, even with heavy equipment. Brian Hughes contacted his old employer Tsunami Electric here in town. His old boss Jim Flemming (and his crew) have been a tremendous blessing!

They helped us bury the septic tank, set a new power pole, dig the trench and bury the service from the new pole to the building and Jim will be back over today of tomorrow to finish covering the septic tank. We had a few inches of foam sprayed on the tank to h

If you are wondering why ll the old chunks of wood are laying around.....its from the trench and hole that was dug. All of this property is fill from years ago. I imagine that we may have a big bonfire this winter!

Please pray for us as we should have electrical service in the building by this weekend!
Here are a few more pictures of the foam insulation. God is really blessing! Stay tuned....!
The good folks at Vertex Insulation showed up today to start spraying the foam insulation! This building might just float when they are finished!

Please continue to pray for us as we press towards the mark!

Have a blessed day!
Are you the Pastor? I was working on hanging an entry door in the church building when I heard those words. I turned and looked and two gentlemen dressed in work clothes and hard hats. "Would you mind if we put down some extra pavement on your property? We have some left over from today and need a place to put it." Now, I know that "some" to me and to you and to the other guy is probably going to be different amounts.....I was eager to see just what "some" looked like.

As I stepped around the corner of the building, I saw an entire belly-dump full of blacktop! In this case...."some" was almost 8 tons!

What a blessing it was to see these fellas "donate" 8 tons of "smooth as silk" parking lot!

Please continue to pray for us as we get closer to winter.

Let me start this post out with an apology. As you might imagine, things have been very hectic in our neck of the woods for the past week. Please forgive me for the “delayed” update!

Where do I begin…..

Our GOD, is amazing! We began this journey several weeks ago. Our main vision and goal has and will always be…The Lord’s will! We have all heard the phrase…”There is no safer place than the will of the Lord”. This past week, there was definitely “Peace in the Valley” (Chena Valley LOL).

Wednesday night the 7th of August, three men of GOD Paul Carver, Chuck Sage and Floyd Perry landed in our little town of Fairbanks Alaska. Heather Hampton was more than happy to pick them up at the airport. I (Seth Hampton) was running a bit late getting there, we had pushed hard that Wednesday afternoon to get the roof on the CVBC pavilion. We wanted to have a nice shaded and dry place to have meals and take breaks during the work days.

I made it to the airport just in time to see them walking out of the terminal headed to the truck. Everyone seemed to be a bit hungry after there long flight from DFW International Airport. We stopped off for a bite to eat at a local mom-&-pop restaurant Sam’s Sourdough Café.

After wolfing down some chow, we headed to the house for a good night’s sleep. The following morning we woke to a great breakfast and some early morning planning…then off to the property.

I had to work in the office that day so I was unable to meet them at the job site. I did however get to swing over for a quick bite of lunch and to see what progress had been made.

That Thursday proved to be a bit of a challenge at first…But after a few questions were answered the crew was on track and started to make great headway. The walls were stood up by the end of the first evening.

The next morning, we had another good breakfast and then off to work again. I needed to be at the office again…(It was driving me crazy to not be working at the property). During lunch I had an opportunity to stop by and check thing out. It was starting to look like a building now, the crew were working on assembling the trusses.

All Steel Inc. here in Fairbanks had built the trusses in there shop which made things that much easier and a lot less work. It turned out that the preferable method is to connect several of the trusses together on the ground, then lift the assembly into place. Great concept…and it worked great!

One of the members of the CVBC Mission, Mike Clemmons, loaned us his awesome boom truck to use during this phase of construction. What a tremendous blessing that was! It made the job so much faster and saved the Mission from needing to rent that piece of equipment.

The following days (Saturday & Sunday) were spent completing the gable ends, cutting in the doors & windows and installing one inch thick foam board to the exterior of the structure. Both days (Sat & Sun) the men of the Mission showed up and we all worked together.

We had an awesome worship service Sunday morning! Bro. Paul Carver spoke to us briefly, Bro. Chuck Sage shared a program called Celebrate Recovery and Bro. Floyd Perry presented a wonderful sermon! Sunday was special for many reasons one of which was two visitors! Matt (construction supervisor for the Nordale Road project) and his wife came to church! What a blessing it was to see new faces during worship.

Lunch followed the morning service…then back to work. Most all of Sunday was geared towards getting the foam insulation installed on the building. We ended the work around 8:30 that night and took a ride down to Chena Hot Springs for a bit of sightseeing and relaxation. We made it back to the house a little after 1am and promptly passed out in bed.

I had scheduled to be off of work the next day (Monday) in order to be able to work another full day at the property. My boss, Ron Boynton (Boynton Office Systems, Inc.) stopped by to ask a few business related questions and see how things were looking. I have been blessed by being able to be a part of a Christian oriented company to work for. Ron and his family are very dedicated to GOD, His work and their church. What a difference it makes to work for such wonderful people!

Before Ron left the job site he mentioned to me that it was far more important for me to be out there working on the church than to be stuck in the office! My heart was lifted once again and I praise GOD for a boss like him!

Monday was dedicated to completing the last bit of work on one of the gable ends and getting the roof buttoned down. The weather was wonderful and GOD continued to bless. We were able to complete the metal roofing and start on the siding.

We had all been so busy the days before that we never noticed that the screws that were provided for the siding were too short! The addition of the one inch foam was an “after the fact” sort of thing. What do we do now? The screws we had were a full inch too short! Bro. Gary Hampton took off looking for the longer screws we needed. To our surprise….the steel company did not stock the “color coded” screws in the longer length!

Bro. Gary ended up finding them at another hardware store and purchased a can or the correct color spray paint from All Steel. Now, I am sure you can see where this is headed…..each one of the 2,500 screw heads would have to be painted!  Bro. Gary “pushed” all 2,500 screws through a scrap piece of foam board, spray painted them and let them dry. His fingers were just a bit sore to say the least…..

GOD has a way of lifting us up when we are exhausted it’s kinda like he gives us a “second wind” to carry on. My heart was touched Monday evening in a special way.

Matt and his wife, who had visited our worship service the day before, pulled up in the parking lot and asked for us to “put him to work”! WOW!

Whether folks are aware of it or not, GOD has a way of using them. Matt jumped right in and worked hard. We invited them to stay for dinner (Sister Shinn provided the food that night). They stayed, we ate and fellowshipped but instead of leaving after a late dinner….Matt and his wife stayed on to work a couple of more hours!

Tuesday morning was a “doughnut and coffee” breakfast. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel now. We worked hard to get the siding completed. As we got closer to getting the siding finished, we noticed that we were short nine panels of steel siding…! Oh well…we decided that the only thing we could do was to finish what we had.

Bro. Chuck Sage was the “cut man” for those of us that were on the lift we had rented. On the very last panel of steel he cut, and sliver of metal flew into his eye! OUCH! Bro. Floyd Perry assisted him in trying to wash it out. They decided to take him to the local clinic for further care. The clinic flushed his eye and sent him to the ER for a closer look and X-Rays. GOD was gracious again and Bro. Chuck seemed to be fine.

That last night, we went to a very late dinner. It was close to 11pm when we received or order. We had a great time of fellowship! We all told “war stories” and laughed so hard and loud that we were wondering if we were going to get “kick out” of the restaurant!

The following morning (Wednesday) we loaded up in a rented van and headed out to do a bit more sightseeing and try to spot a moose. We also stopped at the museum near the University of Alaska Fairbanks and ended up at Pioneer Park and the Alaska Salmon Bake for dinner.

There is so much more to tell and I am sure that other things will pop into my head as we try to get a little rest over the next couple of days….

CVBC wanted to be a blessing to those that came to serve. We can’t express the feeling of love and gratitude, we just don’t have the words….I know that this past week had a tremendous impact on the members of CVBC and our families. We are so thankful for the men that came to work and give of their time and their families that they left at home.

We forged new friendships and had some beautiful times of Christian fellowship.


From the members of CVBC.

The trusses are being assembled in sections on the ground, then lifted into place for the final installation.
Good morning! It's another beautiful day here in Alaska! GOD is great! The three men that traveled from Texas to assist with the building arrived safe and sound, praise The Lord!

Thursday morning started with a good breakfast of giant waffles, eggs and sausage. Now that everyone is full as a tick....it's off to work!

After they arrived at the CVBC property, the first task was to get a grip on the steel package that had been delivered. I have done a bit metal stud construction.....and from what I could see, this was not your ordinary "run-of-the-mill" stud package. All Steel (fabricator) here in Fairbanks had parts and pieces all bundled up nice and neat...but where do they all go, and how are things supposed to go together?

Normally, if you have let's say 10ft walls, you would have studs that are 10ft long...right? Nope, not these! All of the "shortest" studs were 11ft 5in! Do we need to cut them? Was a mistake make at the fabricator? No one knows? Well it's time to make some phone calls. Mike at All Steel was out at another job site and could not be reached via phone, so, Paul, Chuck and Gary jumped in the truck to track him down!

I know that some of you that are reading this do have construction in your background so you can understand how frustrating it can be to KNOW what you are supposed to be doing, but, at the very same time have NO idea just where to begin! LOL

Anyway, the three fellas in the big red truck ( Paul, Chuck & Gary) located the steel guy (Mike at All Steel) and discovered that the plans that they provided were....get this...the wrong plans! HA! No worries, GOD is in control!

After our questions were answered, things could get "back on track". The walls of the building went up fairly quick. We continue to give GOD ALL of the glory! We are more excited than ever! Please keep us in your prayers!
We received the initial delivery of steel for the church building last night! Trusses, Studs, Hat Channel and upper and lower Track (plates). We also received our order of the steel roofing and ridge cap for the pavilion. 

Folks...It's about to get real busy around here!

We give GOD ALL of the glory for this! Please continue to pray for us!
We were finally able to get the last of the stringers installed and trimmed up on the CVBC Pavilion. All that is left is to install the steel roofing!